The first true Bolt On 4 link kit for the 73-79 Ford F100's is now available!  This kit includes 2 full frame brackets that incorporate the forward 4 link mount, C notch, and upper coilover mount that locates off the existing front leaf spring hanger holes.  The axle brackets that bolt on to your axle where the leafs springs once were and utilize a locating pin just like your spring pads do.  An adjustable pan hard bar that locates the rear axle. All of the hardware needed and the instructions that will guide through the installation.

73-79 Ford F100 Complete Bolt on 4 Link Kit without coilovers

SKU: 7379F1non
Color: Black
  • You can fit up to 315 rear tires with our kit but you will need to minitub your trucks bed to allow for the clearance needed to run it.  You may also need to trim the lip on the wheel well opening depending on wheel offset.

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